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Wool Rules!

This must be the most out-of-date homepage on the Internet. I guess when you work on the 'net for a living, you don't feel like updating a homepage. At least, I haven't, for the last five years. Oh well. Someday. Everything here is ancient.

When you grow up in the desert, you start to crave rain at the end of a long, dry, summer. Thus, I headed up to Vancouver for a ride back down to San Francisco in October 2001, riding a borrowed Rambouillet bike, the light-weight sport-tourer from Rivendell. Here is a brief slideshow of some of the highlights.

Paris-Brest-Paris stuff

A few photo pages from Nellie Viola

Riding the Tourist Trap with Nellie Viola.
A bicycle tour of San Francisco's most touristic district, hosted by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition with a route based on City Survey IV from Short Bike Rides in and around San Franciscoby yours truly.
Paradise Valley, a postmodern Nevada ghosttown
Here are a few photos of Paradise Valley, once the largest town in Nevada, now a ranching town/ghost town/weekend home town and at 18 miles the closest town to the place in Northern Nevada where I grew up.
N.V. in NV, or Nellie Viola goes to Nevada
Here are some holiday season shots of a lovely Nevada small town known as Winnemucca. Where I went to school once upon a time.

Here's a link to the Australia race.

Here's a story from last summer that I finally got around to posting about Misery in Missouri, or How I Became a Hemp Activist.

Here's a new slide show of Norway from Carolyn Helmke, captions by hk at least until Caro supplies some of her own.

All this stuff is ancient:

Bradley's Susan D-Day Ride





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